Human Cancer: Known Causes and Prevention by Organ Site

This poster presents the target organs for all agents classified as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1) by the IARC Monographs Programme (in red) and for the interventions showing sufficient evidence of a cancer-preventive effect in the IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention (in green).

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Updated 2 January 2024

Handbook Vol. 19 – The 3-in-1 Handbook of Oral Cancer Prevention

Posted 5 December 2022


Video: IARC Handbooks Volume 19: Oral Cancer Prevention

Posted 25 October 2022


Presentation at IPVC 2021 about IARC Handbooks Volume 18: Cervical Cancer Screening

Posted 1 December 2021


Video Animation: Overview of the IARC Handbooks Programme

Posted 6 July 2021


Video: Evaluating Methods of Colorectal Cancer Screening

Posted 23 March 2021


Video: The IARC Handbook on Cervical Cancer Screening

Posted 7 January 2021


Handbook Vol. 17: Colorectal Cancer Screening

Posted 13 June 2018


Handbook Vol. 16: Body Fatness

Posted 8 November 2016


IARC Marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month

IARC marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a focus on the recently published Handbook on Breast Cancer Screening. Dr Béatrice Lauby-Secretan, who leads the IARC Handbooks series, discusses the evaluations of the Handbook on Breast Cancer Screening.

Posted 28 October 2016


Handbook Vol. 15: Breast Cancer Screening

Posted 1 September 2015