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IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention - Call for Experts

Volume 19: Oral Cancer Prevention
4-11 December 2021
to be held remotely

Closing date:1 March 2021

IARC is seeking scientists who wish to be considered for membership in the Working Group that will develop the considerations and evaluations of agents that will be reviewed in this volume. Working Group Members will search the scientific literature in their area of expertise; prepare, review, and revise preliminary working papers that critically review the pertinent scientific literature; and participate in an 8-day meeting to discuss and combine the texts and to evaluate the weight of evidence for the cancer-preventive activity of the agents.

Eligible scientists generally have published significant research related to the cancer-preventive activity of the agents that will be reviewed, and IARC uses literature searches to identify most experts. Consequently, IARC is especially interested in finding (a) scientists whose relevant publications may not be found through standard literature searches, and (b) scientists who work in countries that have been under-represented in past Working Groups.

Self-nominations are encouraged.  Each nomination should include:

  1. Curriculum vitae of the proposed candidate.

  2. Separate list of the candidate's publications that are relevant to the cancer-preventive activity of the agents that will be reviewed. For each study or analysis published during the past 5 years, identify the sponsors of the work presented in the paper. For review articles and commentaries, identify the sponsors of the paper.

  3. WHO Declaration of Interests to disclose associations with parties that have an interest in any agent that will be reviewed.

Please send your nominations before the closing date by e-mail (handbook19@iarc.fr).

Public nominations will be combined with those identified by IARC and other national and international health agencies. IARC will select an interdisciplinary Working Group based on (a) knowledge and experience, and (b) absence of real or apparent conflicts of interests. Consideration will also be given to demographic diversity and balance of scientific findings and views.

To assure public confidence that the Working Group is free from links to interested parties and that special interests cannot influence the meeting, experts with a real or apparent conflict of interests may participate only in a limited capacity. They will not serve as meeting chair or subgroup chair, draft text that pertains to the description or interpretation of data on cancer-preventive activity, or participate in the evaluations. Such experts will be invited only when necessary (someone who has published significant relevant research and comparable knowledge cannot be found among those without conflicts), and the conflicting interests will be disclosed.

Within 1 month of the closing date, IARC will send preliminary invitations to the experts selected. Their names and principal affiliations will be available on this website.

Thank you for your interest in the IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention.

Béatrice Lauby-Secretan, Head, IARC Handbooks Group

Ian Cree, Head, Section of Evidence Synthesis and Classification

Posted 16 December 2020, updated 5 August 2021