Working Procedures


5. Summaries

This section presents summaries of the data reviewed in Sections 1 to 4, providing the key evidence and the rationale leading to the evaluations, as well as important outcomes/findings for which no formal evaluation is conducted. This section is the most read chapter in the entire Handbook. For this reason, it is essential that it provides the background and rationale of the Working Group's evaluation, yet remains concise and understandable to non-specialist readers. The summary should not contain studies or data that are not mentioned in the main text or tables, or that have been considered uninformative by the Working Group. Technical jargon should be avoided, and no references will be cited in the final version.

In the case of limited or inadequate evidence, the Working Group should highlight, in the form of a rationale, those aspects of the procedure for which information is lacking and which led to the uncertainty in evaluation.


Updated 14 November 2017