Working Procedures


The available studies are summarized by the Working Group, with particular regard to the qualitative aspects discussed below.

Inclusion of a study does not imply acceptance of the adequacy of the study. Major limitations that impinge on interpretation, or reasons for not giving further consideration to an individual study, are brought to the attention of the reader by the addition of Working Group comments in square brackets.

Studies that are judged to be uninformative to the evaluation are omitted, but the rationale for exclusion should be stated. However, less informative studies may be mentioned briefly when: (i) they provide supporting evidence to that in other studies; or (ii) they provide the only published data available on a specific issue.

The Working Group may conduct additional analyses and use these in their assessment of the evidence. Such analyses are identified by square brackets in the text and tables.

The outline of a Handbook on screening includes the following sections.

1. Descriptive epidemiology and disease characteristics
2. Screening techniques
3. Availability and use of screening practices
4. Efficacy and effectiveness of a screening procedure
5. Summaries
6. Evaluation


Updated 14 November 2017