Working Procedures


6. Inclusion criteria for data for the Handbooks

The Handbooks do not necessarily summarize or even cite the entire literature on the intervention being evaluated. Only those data considered by the Working Group to be relevant to making the evaluation are included. Data judged to be inadequate or irrelevant to the evaluation may, at the discretion of the Working Group, be cited but not summarized. If a group of similar studies is not reviewed, the reasons are indicated (see Part B for details). Meeting abstracts and other reports that do not provide sufficient detail upon which to base an assessment of their quality are generally not considered. With regard to reports of basic scientific research, epidemiological studies, clinical trials, and meta-analyses, only those that have been published or accepted for publication in the openly available scientific literature are reviewed by the Working Group. The same publication requirement applies to meta-analyses or pooled analyses commissioned by IARC in advance of a meeting (see Part B). Government agency reports that have undergone peer review and that are publicly available are considered. Exceptionally, doctoral theses and other materials that are in their final form and publicly available may be reviewed if their inclusion is considered pertinent to making a final evaluation.


Posted 27 May 2014